How to mine Tron TRX

Tron is a Proof of Stake blockchain and not Proof of Work, as such it can't be mined; except it can...

To "mine" Tron (TRX) using the PhoenixMiner software via an unmineable pool, you'll be mining another Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrency (such as Ethereum), and then receive payouts in TRX. This process involves setting up your mining software to connect to the unmineable pool's server dedicated to the PoW cryptocurrency you choose to mine. Here's how you can do this with PhoenixMiner, which is popularly used for mining Ethereum:

Step 1: Get a TRX Wallet

Ensure you have a Tron (TRX) wallet where you can receive your payouts. You can use wallets like TronLink (Browser Extension, Android), Trust Wallet (Browser Extension, Android), or any secure wallet that supports TRX.

Step 2: Download PhoenixMiner

Download PhoenixMiner for Windows from a reputable source. You can usually find the latest version on BitcoinTalk or GitHub. Ensure you're downloading from a secure and verifiable source to avoid malware.

Step 3: Configure Your Miner

Once you've downloaded and extracted PhoenixMiner, you will need to configure it. You’ll do this by editing a batch file (.bat) that tells PhoenixMiner which pool to connect to and in what mode. Here’s how you set up your batch file for mining on unmineable’s pool:

Edit the Tron Batch File

Right-click, select new text document, and name the file tron.bat. Make sure the file now ends with .bat and not with .txt. Right click on tron.bat, select edit, and paste in the following:

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal TRX:TCRq2FJVoN5mpHJgBR6KcavKWEYhQ45BrK.Worker1#me8f-wuqc -pass x -coin etc

TCRq2FJVoN5mpHJgBR6KcavKWEYhQ45BrK with your actual TRX wallet address.

Here, -pool tells PhoenixMiner to connect to unmineable’s Ethereum pool, and -wal TRX: instructs the pool to pay out in Tron TRX coin.

Tip: Including a valid referral code (#me8f-wuqc) increases your rewards from 99% to 99.25%.

Save the File

Save your changes and close the editor.

Step 4: Run the Miner

Double-click the tron.bat batch file to start mining. This will open a command line window where PhoenixMiner will initialize and start mining the selected PoW cryptocurrency, with rewards paid out in TRX to your specified wallet.

Step 5: Monitor Your Mining Activity

Keep an eye on the mining process in the command line window. Check your hash rate, any errors, and the stability of your mining setup.

Additional Tips

Keep Your Software Updated: Regularly check for updates to PhoenixMiner to ensure compatibility with the latest blockchain changes and security enhancements. Secure Your Mining Setup: Make sure your mining computer is secure and your wallet keys are backed up to prevent loss of funds. Evaluate Profitability: Regularly evaluate the profitability of your mining operation, considering electricity costs and hardware wear and tear.